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About the site use

This website is operated by Daiichi Jitsugyo Viswill Co., Ltd. ("Company"). Before using this website, please carefully read the terms of use and proceed to use the website only if you agree to these terms. Please note that your further use of the website is understood as your acceptance of all the terms.

You are also advised to check the terms of use from time to time since the Company may change them without prior notice.


The information, contents, copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights of all forms of content, trademarks, logos and other intellectual properties that appear on this website belong to the Company unless otherwise indicated.

It is strictly forbidden to reproduce or duplicate, without prior written consent of the Company, the content of the website, be it in part or entirety or as-is or modified, for purposes beyond personal use or the scope explicitly permitted by the law.


While the Company takes great care in publishing any piece of information on this website, we do not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or security of the content on the website or its compatibility or usefulness vis-à-vis the purposes of use by the viewers. We may modify or delete any portion of the website without prior notice, and may interrupt or terminate the operation of the website without prior notice.


The users of the website are strictly prohibited from the following acts:

  • ・Violation of the Company's and third parties' properties and privacy or any act that may lead to such violation
  • ・Any act that causes or may cause damage or disadvantage to the Company or any third party
  • ・Any act that is defamatory to the Company's or any third party's honor and reputation
  • ・Any act that disrupts may disrupt public order and decency through obscene or indecent action or speech
  • ・Any criminal act or act that can readily lead to crime
  • ・False declaration or registration through the use of e-mail addresses belonging to others or other illegal means
  • ・Any commercial or profit-making activity and preparatory work for such activity

Recommended computer operating environment

For optimal use of this website, we recommend that you use a personal computer connected to the Internet in an operating environment that meets the following conditions. Please note that accessing the website in a computer operating environment different from the recommendations, you may encounter certain difficulties such as unavailability of some functions, incomplete screen display and malfunction.

Recommended browser

We recommend Internet Explorer 6.0 or a later version or Netscape Navigator 7.0 or a later version.

Required functions
Cookies and JavaScript
This website uses cookies on some of the pages of the customer questionnaire survey to facilitate user input. JavaScript and other plug-in software are also used on some pages. Please note that these pages may not function properly if the security setting on your browser is very high (lowering the security setting on your browser should be effectuated at your own responsibility; the Company will not be held responsible for any damage that may arise from setting change).
Temporary Internet files (cached files)
Depending on the setting of temporary Internet files (cached files) on your browser, the latest content may not appear on the display. In this case, we recommend that you press the "update" button on the browser or periodically delete temporary files.
Required plug-in software

・Adobe Flash Player

Get Adobe Flash Player

※Please note that the Company will not be held responsible for any damage to your computer or any problems with software that may arise from the installation of the software listed above.