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Image processing system unit V-IPU7500H

Image processing system unit V-IPU5000 ・Abundant algorithms available・Highest processing speed in the industry (7,000 pcs/min or higher)・Middleware interfacing the image processing software HALCON and users
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Features such as HMI, system control and high-speed image processing fostered by Viswill are included in a single PC

  • ・Compact PC with diversified functions required for the visual inspection system
  • ・Easy installation to the inspection system by reducing necessary wiring (A large-scale system can be fabricated by adding this image processing system unit as required.)
  • ・Energy saving by 15% (of that of our conventional unit)

Entire inspection system with a single PC

Features such as HMI, system control and high-speed image processing fostered by Viswill are included in a single PC.

EX: Signal processing configuration

HALCON All the functions in a single PC

Simple system construction utilizing useful tools

Algorithm programming
The user can edit the inspection algorithm using our application, Algorithm Editor (AE).
Simulation function
The user can simulate the inspection process using acquired images and edit the inspection parameters using our application, Parameter Editor (PE).
Defect analysis
The user can control the quality and collect data using our application, Result Analyzer (RA).

External view

Optical drive storage
Power button, access lamp
Back※Dimensions: W412 x D400 x H165
Camera Link
IO for control
Graphic IF
Electric camera trigger signal
Flash trigger signal

Function List

Trigger control Complying with external/internal trigger
Trigger can be controlled in synchronization with the encoder.
Lighting control Can be synchronized with the trigger timing
Conveyor control Conveyors can be randomely controlled by using sensors and encoders.

CameraLink specification
Line/area camera
Color/monochrome camera

Complying with 30 to 2 million pixels (actual record)

Applicable number of areas Up to 8 area
(Areas can be expanded by using additional PC’s)
Acceptance/rejection judgment Judgment is made after consistency between areas is confirmed.
Image processing engine High-speed image processing using HALCON and the image processing board fabricated by VISWILL

Hardware Specifications

OS Windows XP 32Bit (to be compatible with Windows 7 64Bit)
Size Can be synchronized with the trigger timing.
Interface VGA×1 DVI×1 HDMI×1
LAN×2 RS2324C×1
USB x 8 (Front: 4, rear: 4)
CameraLink x 8 (Maximum configuration)
DIO nput: 20 points
Output: 20 points (and 8 differential input/output points, respectively)
Optical drive DVD multi drive
Storage System: SSD
Data: HDD (compatible with CF)
Image processing board High-speed Image Processing Board fabricated by VISWILL x 4
With 2-ch CameraLink IF respectively mounted
The number of boards can be customized.
Power consumption 650W
Uninterruptible power monitoring (optional) External UPS manufactured by other company(W 148 x D 362 x H 203)