Non-vibratory Parts Feeder

Non-vibratory Parts Feeder ・High-speed feeding without vibration・Stable transfer for an extended period of time・Simple structure・We will comply with customers’requirements.
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High-speed feeding without vibration

Workpieces may be aligned at high speed without a vibratory and smoothly fed to the succeeding step. This feeder causes no damage to workpieces and yet extends its service life when compared with its predecessor.

Stable transfer for an extended period of time

Stable transfer can be ensured for an extended period of time thanks to a clog-prevention mechanism.

Simple structure

Simple structure enables applications to a wide variety of parts.

We will comply with customers’ requirements.

We propose the optimum feeder to the customer’s requirements from three available flow-control turntables: 150 φ, 200 φ, and 450 φ.

Applicable workpiece (example)

The system accepts the sizes ranging from 0402 to 3216.

Applicable workpiece size Feeding capacity
0402 15,000pcs/min
0603 15,000pcs/min
1005 10,000pcs/min
1608 6,000pcs/min
2012 5,000pcs/min
3216 3,000pcs/min

* The actual feeding capacity may vary from the specifications in the table according to the workpiece type.

Please consult us for feeders of 150 φ, 300 φ, and 450 φ.

Applicable parts

Chip components such as ceramic capacitor, LED chip, chip resistor, and crystal oscillator in tablet or cylindrical shape

Applicable size

Up to approx. 20 mm

Basic information

Customer: LED component manufacturer
Machine used: Non-vibratory parts feeder to be mounted on the taping machine for LED’s used for the liquid crystal display TV

Requirements of the customer and expected effects

Alignment of face and back
Bi-directional alignment with front and rear (Achievement rate: 99.9%)
Processing capacity: 400 pcs/min (past results of the vibratory parts feeder)
Footprint: Approx. 200 mm sq
Less damage and dirt of workpieces

Chip components to be inspected
Feeder supplied by Viswill

Bi-directional alignment with face and back (Achievement rate of 99.9% or higher)
Processing capacity: 360 pcs/min or higher