CCVIS-A5 High-speed processing of 8,000 pcs per min ・3CCD camera and unique imaging system・Ultra-high-speed yet stable component feeding・Simple condition setting・Efficient change-over
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3CCD camera and unique imaging system

An image with all the characteristics of a chip component can be acquired by using a 3CCD camera and the lighting unit set in different angles. This system can enhance the defect detection ratio without compromising the yield ratio. Imaging is conducted only once, causing no reduced throughput.

Ultra-high-speed yet stable component feeding

Transfer of chip components without damage
No vibratory feeder is employed, and our innovative system can control the flow of workpieces and transfer them without strain or damage.
Continuous operation for an extended period of time
As workpieces are not forcibly chucked or passed over, they are not clogged during transfer, thus attaining continuous operation for an extended period of time.
  • Flow-control subsystem
  • Start the MOVIE.
  • Inspection subsystem
Simple parameter setting
For the optimum inspection conditions
Images acquired in the respective inspection areas can be stored and utilized for simulation so that the defect detection ratio and yield ratio after parameter change can readily be checked, greatly contributing to achievement of the optimum inspection conditions.
Efficient and prompt change-over
Easy change-over without tools
All the change-over steps require no tools.
Applicable to small-lot, multiple-type production
As the time required for change-over is minimal, the system can be utilized for small-lot, multiple type production.

Inspection Function

Applicable chips Laminated ceramic capacitor, tantalum capacitor, array chip,
chip resistor, ceramic resonator, film capacitor, LED chip, chip coil
Resolution 2.0 μm/pixel *Varies according to the chip size
Applicable size 0402 to 1005 (mm)
Inspection target Crack, chip, foreign matter, nick, improper electrode size, discoloration
Inspection surface 6 surfaces at max. (Face, Back, Sides, and End)
Processing capacity Max 10,000 pcs/min

Dimensions and Environmental Condition

Dimensions W1,274×D964×H1,800
Power source AC200V(3phase)、50/60Hz、3KVA
Pneumatic supply 0.5Mpa
Environmental condition Temperature: 10 to 30°C; Humidity: 40 to 70% (except for 0402)

System Outline

Chip components are first fed to the hopper and transferred via the feeding feeder to the flow-control turntable. They are then lined up by the height gate, width guide[切り出しガイド], and alignment guide in a longitudinal line (with the face up when the components have face and back. sides). The chip components, while passing through the Nos. 1 through 8 lighting and camera units (in 6-surface inspection), are individually imaged by the CCD cameras.
They are then individually inspected by the high-speed image processor and comprehensively determined for acceptance or rejection by the host computer based on the inspection results. Defective chip components are rejected by the rejector block and collected to the defective collection box. Acceptable chip components are collected to the acceptable collection box.

External appearance

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