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LED wafer inspection system

V-IPU LED wafer

Signal image Encoder synchronization Image inspection Image processing unit V-IPU
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Outline of LED wafer inspection system

The LED wafer is set on the inspection stage and transferred by suction. A single color line sensor is used to inspect the entire LED wafer. On completion of the inspection (scanning) by the sensor, the judgment result appears on the HMI display to notify the operator of the acceptance/rejection judgment of all the LED wafers.

Inspection precision Resolution: 1 μm
RGB color inspection
Model-base inspection
Inspection processing time 2-inch wafer: 2 to 3.5 min

System configuration

CPU Intel XEON processor 3.46 GHz 6-core x 2
Memory DDR3 1333 48GB
OS Windows 7 Embedded 64bit
Storage System: 40 GB SSD
Data: 1TB HDD
Image import Dedicated frame grabber and transfer-synchronized shutter
Image processing HALCON image processing library and independent parallel processing
Lighting and optical unit Coaxial episcopic lighting and ring lighting
Camera Color 3CMOS line sensor
Stage control Stage control board x 1

Parallel processing

As the inspection is conducted at high speed, the multi-core CPU executes parallel processing.

Stand-by position