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Disk-type Chip Component Visual Inspection System CCVIS-SN

CCVIS-SN Ultra-high-speed inspection with stable feeding optimum for continuous operation and without damage to components ・Special lighting technology to accentuate characteristics of defects・ Processing capacity: 1,000 pcs/min
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Lighting technology

Special lighting technology to accentuate characteristics of defects
High-precision image processing system with simultaneous acquisition of 4 images

Processing speed

1,000 pcs/min

System Outline

Feeding/flow-control subsystem
Feeding/flow-control subsystem: Aligns chip components without damage to them.
Chip components are automatically aligned in a longitudinal line without any damage to themselves.
Inspection disk
Inspection disk: Stable transfer and reliable inspection materialized
Chip components are securely held by suction from the inside of the inspection disk to ensure stable transfer and reliable inspection.
Disk 1 Disk 2
Disk: Double-side inspection
Disk 1 inspects one side, and Disk 2 inspects the other side.
Rejection subsystem
Rejection subsystem: Conducts rejection by the air valve at high speed.
Defective components are rejected by the valve on the inside of the disk.

Easy to operate

System dimensions
Applicable workpiece
Cylindrical workpiece
Applicable workpiece size (mm) (the past record)
Inspection item
Length, width, color, and area
Defects to be inspected
Dirt, foreign matter, nick, chip, break, discoloration,
crack, etc.
  • Color spot
  • Crack
  • Nick
  • Chip

System outline (top view)