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Visual Inspection System for Spherical Workpieces

Visual Inspection System for Spherical Workpieces ・For inspection of small spherical workpieces・Processing speed of 28,000 pcs/min (the actual record using approx. φ1.0)
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For inspection of small spherical workpieces

The system can be customized for small spherical workpieces having different shapes, materials, sizes and colors. Each workpiece is individually inspected with the 3CCD camera and advanced lighting technology to ensure inspection precision.

Processing speed

28,000 pcs/min (the actual record using approx. φ1.0)

System Outline

Dimensions: W 1,000 x D 600 x H 1,380

Major Subsystems

Feeding subsystem
Supplies workpieces.
Flow-control subsystem
Aligns the workpieces supplied by the feeding subsystem in 8 lines and a single layer.
Transfer subsystem
Feeds and transfers the workpieces onto a sheet punched with holes at equal pitch and equal interval.
Face camera (color camera)
Images the workpieces under the dome lighting.
The back sides are also imaged through a sheet of glass installed on the base.
Defective/uninspected workpiece collection box
Workpieces judged defective or uninspected based on the images taken by the color camera are rejected by the defective workpiece rejector and collected into the collection box.
Acceptable workpiece collection box
Acceptable workpieces are blown by air and collected into the acceptable collection box.